Monday, May 5, 2008

I've been working alot lately.

I worked something like 60 hours this past week for the Carnegie International. It has been exciting, interesting, fun, tiring, informative, frightening, enlightening, challenging, fast paced, slow paced, hyper-speed, but I would say above all fun. I think the show is going over really well with most people I have spoken with.
On my end it seems to be going pretty well. It seems getting everything turned on is going to take longer than expected, but should be easier on week days when the offices are open. The 16mm film loopers have been for the most part not to much trouble, although one of them is currently sitting with it's film out because it wound itself to tightly and the film started jumping frame last night about 15 minutes before the members gala was over. It was one of those things you know is coming, but you really can't do anything until it happens.
I've gotten to meet some of the artists who were in town this weekend/past week and been able to work with a few of them, drink with them, dance...etc. It's been fun. No Wolfgang though, pitty. We could have been lovely dancing partners. Now I have to be off to Home Depot to buy some "dry" lubricant and some other supplies for these projectors. I'll take a receipt please.