Wednesday, March 28, 2012

FFFFrustrating but needed.

Today I was supposed to do a little file / hard drive work and then spend the afteroon scanning and editing.  However, I ran into some problems and unforseen loooooonnnngggggg file transfer times.  Aye!  So I spent the day instead looking into new music, learning about coding, flash, and similar things.  All the while I was wrestling with hard drives.  But since I set out to do photowork today I snuck this one off my back up drive and played with it for awhile.  

This is a shot of a whole bunch of Thomas family members walking towards my cousins rehearsal dinner night type soiree on the banks of Lake Michigan this past summer.  I thought it was a neat shot.  It's rare that my mothers side of the family can get together, but when they do it's always amazing. Very Very Cool Persons.

Friday, March 9, 2012


This is a video I've been working on for awhile.  I've been doing videos in collaboration with my friend and new roommate Mica Sigourney as part of a residency he is doing at Counterpulse, in SF. 
You can find other videos here, but this is the trailer for the work. 

And no.   It has nothing to do with the work.  And yes.  It's supposed to be bad.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Open Camera,  2011

Dear Everyone.
I've missed you.  Dearly.  For awhile I was eeking along using a kind roommate's neg scanner, which eventually left when she did.  And then life was really wild and crazy for awhile.  I lost a dear dear friend.  I lost my housing, as a result of the death and sketchy land lords / leases.  But things are exploding.  Can you tell?  

After working a grand amount, I'm now up and running at a new place.  With artistic collaborators as ware-home-mates.  Video projects are coming up like bum piss on my new street, which means often.  And now, finally, I'm scanning away on my own, personal, negative scanner.  Once again, I am a photographer with an output.  Expect alot.  I've been shooting, thought at times sparingly due to money, since I moved here and haven't had much output due to the cost of processing.   But this makes it all better.

I've missed you.