Saturday, September 13, 2008

Melissa Joan Hart

"Maybe I am just sub-conciously destroyed by pop culture."

While talking to my friend Bryan yesterday about voting and changes of address etc....We were discussing me not changing my registered address until after the election for a deep seated (by loads of political documentaries, thanks Filmmakers) that I will wind up in one of those hassles of "Oh, we don't have you listed here," or "You've never voted here before? Oh, you have to go here instead.." Bryan still votes where his parents live, out in bumble fuck. But not for any reasons like mine. He wants specifically to vote against Melissa Hart (former member of the House, PA District 4, running again this year after defeat last, and also royal conservative bitch). Good Reason. But Bryan kept calling her Melissa Joan Hart (Clarissa Explains It All, Sabrina the Teenage Witch). Surely these were not one in the same. We figured it out, and Bryan said one of the best things I have ever heard anyone ever say (above). On Point Bryan, On Point.

I am fucking exceptionally fascinated lately by peoples snapshot necessity. I've been asked multiple times in the past few days at work, about the photography policies of the museum. Policies aside, I have just had it on my brain. It's all people consuming. Not all, but some of it. It's people needing to validate, show, capture, and hold. I want to go back over some of my lecture shit about the snapshot and read read read and write write write. I think I am gestating right now. Gestation, cleaning my "studio space"...well, that's mostly relying on Marcus..., and writing. I made some official friends number getting etc. last night. I'm talking with Edgar about doing something. I'm going to be doing some travelling. I have 800 idea's. Something is going to get blown up soon. Positively.

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I can't stop staring at the dude sitting outside ith the muscles and very well trimmed/grown beard.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Nipple to the Bottle.

Bear with it through the last paragraph, then let's discuss:

Alright. First of all. I wish that I got paid to publish online "Articles" that essentially amounted to what my notebook writings and ramblings look like at times. Writing critique aside...

Secondly. That last paragraph is pretty, sort of, apt. It's a nice little bit of an affirmation to read this outside of the group of people who "Get It" that I surround myself with. Lately, I have been settling some unsettling personal things and my mind has instantly (it's kind of incredible how quickly) gone back to occupying itself (note: Not me occupying brain just does this. It's where it goes, automatically) with this sort of queer fuckery. Music is something that I had never even considered. Really? I missed that. I guess my musical tastes are pretty rounded. I often bond with people over music, so most of my friends have similar broad ranging musical tastes. While I say broad, I do recognize my lean towards 80's, Synths, New Wave, Wacky, Tacky, and Danceable. But even within that, I feel I've got a pretty wide idea of what constitutes or is contained within all of those.

I do take a little bit of issue with the writers use of "The Gays" as an all-encompassing statement for us all. Especially when part of the point they are trying to make is that "The Gays" are often in fact not such a broad grouping, and that "The Gays" are actually as divided a group as any other social "type". They may actually be white middle class mainstream gays, or poor white blue collar gays, or even as the article tip-toes, "Urban" gays. Urban? In an article entitled "Why do gays hate Black music?," I find it incredible that the writer then can not say a a blatant "Mainstream white gay culture is kind of afraid of black culture, gay or in general." Is that not the underlying idea? Hey! Maybe some of "the gays" are like some of the everyone else, racism and all...

Of course this is not the case for (I would hope) most of, since we are grouping, "us." And, while I am sure most of these mainstream white gay's would not consider themselves racists (or classists, or agists, or sexists....) there is definitely this type of sentiment prevalent in the homo-normative (5!) gay bars/hangouts/social scenarios I've encountered. It's a similar happening at Kelly's Bar, in East Liberty (a largely poor black neighborhood in Pittsburgh that was a victim of what I would describe as racist urban planning in the 60's, which is now being gentrified by the neighboring affluent white Shadyside faster than you can eat an all natural locally grown organic fair trade gourmet cupcake). Having a jukebox loaded with discs of great old soul, jazz singers, and funk along with punk and rock standards is great when it's because you are into playing that music. However, not allowing rap/top 40 on their jukebox soley to keep the "Wrong Crowd" out is just the same old song. (even if in my opinion it's just fine without the top 40) It's the "We're not racist, we have lots of soul and funk on the Jukebox!"
"We're not racist, we have Janet Jackson and Beyonce remixes on the video lounge screens" kind of mentality. Not racist, in a wizard hat wearing way, but racist nonetheless. It is a pinch of classism, a dab of racism, a smackering of elitism. Is there a word I am missing out on here that covers this all? No? Well I think we've hit it pretty close then. It's all of the above stewed together for stinking dose of disdain and social exclusivity.

Oh, as an aside, don't worry. You don't have to be black, or hispanic, or even the result of a horrible disfiguring/crippling accident to be disreguarded, feared, or simply given bitchy looks. You can even be white and non-conformist to common gay societal "norms" presented to you via hetero societal norm bearing mass media. This article basically comes down to a familiar conclusion. A good portion of "The Gays" are just like a good portion of everyone else. A good portion transparent, a good portion pretty shitty.

Alright. Time to figure out how this one is going to look on silver gelatin?