Saturday, September 26, 2009

Two Days.

I have two days left.
This is from Chicago.
From the recent color batch.
I promise the next picture will not have Claire in it. But she really is a fascinating subject.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today at work IV

Also, to top it off, Claire and I ate sandwiches and chips in a launch while a woman was CLEARLY riding on some dude in their boat...maybe....50-70 yards away? I thought you had to come ashore for that kind of service!

Monday, September 14, 2009


So. On Saturday I spent some fun time in the darkrooms with my friends Sally and Laura. Sally provided us with the instruction we needed to use the Jobo color processing machine. I've printed m own color many a time, but have never had the means to process film until recently. Someone donated said Jobo to pghfilmmakers, and I bought a C-41 kit of Tetanol. It was fun an typically filmmakers. The processor has two jobs. One is to keep the water bath, and chemicals at a precise temperature, for this 100 degrees. Also, it's supposed to turn the tank for you. So all you should have to do is dump in the chemistry, time, and dump it out. However, despite it working when we got in the room, when we tried ot actually use the machine with film in it, the motor stopped working. Not really too big of a deal, just a little more work than we had thought was coming. So we had to turn the tank by hand on the machine...but it still made the chemisty easy to do, and the temp was fine.

Sally and Laura both peaced once their few rolls were done. All in all I processed 11 rolls of my own. All 120mm. Some from the holga, and some from the mamiya. Only one roll came out worthless. It actually processed well, but had about two actual usable images. They were however subject wise...poor, and uninteresting, and of a time I'd rather not have around. So I had no problem sacrificing them to the photo gods. I'm going to spend some evenings this week at filmmakers scanning them. I've got about two weeks left, so I'd better use that account up as much as possible. And it'll give me something to work on on da train.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


This is an oldie, but I put them together today for something else. Surprise surprise...Lil made a triptych.