Saturday, August 29, 2009

John Fucking Cartwright

Last night saw the dj debut of myself. I was a little unaware of the genre sort of thing that was going on, but am the bomb, and had exactly what was needed. I fucked up a little here and there, but would say it was a good night. Thanks to all who came and partied. I think it was definately the most people I've seen at a dance/music night a the brillobox in quite awhile. Off to a slow start, but got moving. More pics will be on flickr soon.
Extra thanks to Edgar for publishing my name as John Fucking Cartwright, effectively disregarding my indecisiveness over the choice between that and sticking it out with "lil" or "little john." John Fucking Cartwright.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Just a Reminder.

Don't ever forget:

Participation mystique. A term derived from anthropology and the study of primitive psychology, denoting a mystical connection, or identity, between subject and object. (See also archaic, identification and projection.)

[Participation mystique] consists in the fact that the subject cannot clearly distinguish himself from the object but is bound to it by a direct relationship which amounts to partial identity. . . . Among civilized peoples it usually occurs between persons, seldom between a person and a thing. In the first case it is a transference relationship . . . . In the second case there is a similar influence on the part of the thing, or else an identification with a thing or the idea of a thing.[Definitions," CW 6, par. 781.]

[Identity] is a characteristic of the primitive mentality and the real foundation of participation mystique, which is nothing but a relic of the original non-differentiation of subject and object, and hence of the primordial unconscious state. It is also a characteristic of the mental state of early infancy, and, finally, of the unconscious of the civilized adult.[Ibid., par. 741.]