Friday, June 8, 2012


Today I woke at 3am and fell asleep at 5am.  Roommate decided to have a slumber party.  Where I live has no walls.  Work at 9:30am.  Crawled around inside a new temporary wall for awhile, talked to co workers, had a production meeting.  Worried about getting in trouble from bosses.  Bosses seem pleased for now.  Still worried.  Crawled around in wall some more.  Crawled out, noted back pain, noted plasma I had installed IN wall needs switched, burned screen.  Tried to switch.  Found tripped electrical breaker, alerted facilities.  Checked cleanliness of galleries, closed, locked, lights off.  Boss wanted to talk, feared, worried.  Boss wanted to have a drink and bullshit.  Welcome beyond belief.  Had Drink.  Museum Nerd Out Session.  Came home.  7:50 ish pm.  The other boys turn for door tonight, don't have to go to the bar....  Fix loose memory in computer, stupid techs, restart, working.  Deliberate getting a drink.  Send ex-boyfriend email with a recently processed photo of him, looking handsome.  Consider drinking more.  Make blog post with recently processed image of that fourth of July nearly 4 summers ago on the other side of the country that rolls of films are still showing up from.  Miss Heat, Summer, Humidity, Friends, Lovers, Loves, Brothers.  Fields.

Today on the way to work, my three block bike ride, at "Yerba Buena Lane", between 4th and 3rd, on Mission, I smelled the distinct smell of a field full of grasshoppers.  I may have been hallucinating.

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Jecye said...

I am in love with you, no joking.