Thursday, March 1, 2012


Open Camera,  2011

Dear Everyone.
I've missed you.  Dearly.  For awhile I was eeking along using a kind roommate's neg scanner, which eventually left when she did.  And then life was really wild and crazy for awhile.  I lost a dear dear friend.  I lost my housing, as a result of the death and sketchy land lords / leases.  But things are exploding.  Can you tell?  

After working a grand amount, I'm now up and running at a new place.  With artistic collaborators as ware-home-mates.  Video projects are coming up like bum piss on my new street, which means often.  And now, finally, I'm scanning away on my own, personal, negative scanner.  Once again, I am a photographer with an output.  Expect alot.  I've been shooting, thought at times sparingly due to money, since I moved here and haven't had much output due to the cost of processing.   But this makes it all better.

I've missed you.


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