Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Portraits of Visitors IV: Sister Vis'tor

In the past I've posted portraits that I've made of friends passing through San Francisco. (Visitor I, Visitors II & III).  I plan on continuing this, though I have kinda slacked on the past few.  I admit.  Although some of them have been doubles, or I just forgot.  Regardless...  This past December, my sister Molly came to visit.  She hadn't been to the west coast since she was probably 10 or so for an ill fated wedding.  Now she's an adult and made the trip no problem, despite having probably not flown since that previous west coast encounter.  Not only was I proud of her for that, but was astounded by the dualities I noticed within her while she visited.  We had moments of smart conversation, and moments of child like awe at getting to see amazing things together.  We are viciously close, and getting to hang out here, in my new home, was some bit of amazing for the both of us.

The trip was of course well documented between camera's, phones, film, digital, etc.  But these are ones I have chosen.  If I chose just one, to follow along in the Portraits of Visitors series, it would be the one on top.  It fits the model the best.  It's a good piece of bread on the other side of I and the meat and cheese of II and III.  But if I chose to add some mayonnaise and wait for more bread, from some other visitor, I would probably select the one immediately following, because it breaks a bit from the rest of them.    The others I am posting because I like them.  And they are a good document.  

The first image is of her sitting on top of Corona Heights, where I often take visitors for the walk ability and the view, though that was when it was very close to my old house.  The image was taken while I made her sit with me for over an hour as I shot a video straight up to the sky, gathering footage for an upcoming video project.  (please don't tell her that I ended up deciding I can't use the footage)  It was a nice sort of zen out moment, as neither of us spoke the whole time.

The lower images are from a drive down the coast we took with a friend.  I wanted to just drive for awhile and let her see how the landscape/plants/environment is so different from what we were used to from the East Coast.  It's something I've always taken note of with a fascination.  We drove towards Santa Cruz, our driver holding a secret plan to ride a roller coaster before sunset.  However, it was decided that if we kept going to the boardwalk, we would actually miss the sunset, and the drive back home (which follows the coast vs. the mountains which get you there) would be a waste in the dark.  So we turned around and got on the 1.  We drove for awhile admiring the flat fields stretching out to the great Pacific, and eventually pulled off.  We stopped at a small little beach where Molly met the Pacific Ocean for the first time, and we watched the sunset.  Soon we got back in the car, and headed home.  All the while, Molly intensely staring out the window.  Not missing a second of the colors in the sky and on the ocean as they changed hues, flowing like the waves, and slowly fading into their infinite black with the occasional blinking light.

P.S.  Oh, but before we did all that, we went HERE!!!!

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